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    • Phone: 314-332-4588

    Rapid Deployment

    An uncertain world requires a response you can be certain of.
    In an uncertain world where disaster and disruption can occur at anytime and in any place, IronMike Solutions provides the response you need when and where you need it.


    Private Security

    Providing Private Security and Logistics Support to Governments, NGO's and Business around the world.
    IronMike Solutions LLC is staffed by military veterans and law enforcement professionals willing to go at a moments notice into high risk and difficult environments..


    Natural Disaster

    Natural Disaster Security Services: establish and maintain a safe environment in difficult-environments for life, property, critical supplies and infrastructure.


    civil disturbance

    Civil Disturbance Services establish a safe environment in high-risk environments for life, property and critical insfrastrucure.

    Critical Data
    • DUNS: 08-094-9529
    • CAGE CODE: 7ZPP4
    • EIN: 82-3243987


    • 561612: SECURITY GUARD
    • 541614: LOGISTICS
    • 624230: DISASTER & RECOVERY