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Private Security Guard Company

IronMike Solutions is Veteran Owned Security Guard Company that provides Armed Security Guards for all kinds of business locations, factories, retail stores, construction sites as well as governments and NGO’s.

As an Armed Security Guard Company we take the role of protecting your people and property very seriously. We only provide the highest quality of Armed Security Guards that are properly equipped and trained. We focus on constant improvement of our staff through training and quality control. Our staff are professional, polite, physically fit and… they SHOW UP!!!

All of our staff are Military Veterans with experience in difficult environments willing to go at a moments notice into high risk and difficult environments..

Our Armed Security Guards are physically fit, well groomed and receive training in situational awareness, threat assessments, de-escalation techniques, weapons training and non-lethal force on a regular basis. They understand their role in protecting your people and property in all situations.

Some of their requirements for employment include physical fitness testing, weapons safety and use of force, background investigations, no facial tattoos or face ornaments, clean grooming standards, haircut standards and at least a Public Trust level of Clearance. Many of our staff have Secret and Top Secret Clearance.

Because our standards are high we pay above the standard rates for Armed Security Guards. This allows us to be selective in our recruiting efforts across the country.

Our clients appreciate the higher quality of our staff and we often replace lower quality companies when their staff do not measure up.