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Recent Client Assignment Potential Active Shooter
­IronMike Solutions was recently retained to provide Armed Security Operators to protect people and property after a disgruntled employee made threats of serious violence to staff and management of our client. ­
­Our client contacted IronMike Solutions and made a request for protection.  We quickly assessed the property location and the overall situation including the treat and the credibility of the threat.   Within 24 hours IronMike Solutions had qualified staff on the ground. Our team leader established contact with the client and gathered additional information on the threat and determined that there was a High Risk of an Active Shooter situation.  Our Armed Security Operators immediately established an air of protection for the staff and management.  This allowed them to focus on their day to day work of their business and know that IronMike Solutions would protect them.  We were able to make recommendations to our client on how to harden their business location and to establish procedures to reduce the risk of an Active Shooter. Our Armed Security Operators are all Military Veterans with experience in difficult environments. They were always patrolling the clients property  and making regular checks of points of entry and establishing a positive rapport with the staff and management. Our client must be credited with taking a pro-active position and taking the issue serious. The results were a safe environment and a satisfied client.  


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