Duty of Care in a War Zone.

Duty of Care

What is your Duty of Care to your employees in high risk environments?  

Most of us think of Duty of Care in the workplace as general workplace safety. You know, equipment functions properly, floors are clean and free of obstructions, fire exists clearly marked and things like that. 

But what about in todays world of active shooters, terrorists and even War?  Do you have a plan to keep your people safe? Can you evacuate them in a time of danger as we are seeing in Ukraine? 

We at IronMike Solutions can be a critical part of your Duty of Care planning.  We can provide Armed Security, Emergency Security Services, Close Protection, Evacuation Services, Search and Rescue and Hostage Negotiations on a worldwide basis. 

Tell us about your company and we will respond and help you develop a plan to meet your Duty of Care standard in the most extreme environments. 

IronMike Solutions is staffed by Military Veterans with experience in Difficult Environments ready to respond around the world. 

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