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What is Emergency Security Guard Services and who needs it and how does it work? We will discuss these questions and explain how IronMike Solutions works with clients to provide Emergency Security Guard Services on a worldwide basis.

Let us begin with what is Emergency Security Guard Services? Emergency Security Guard Services is much like the words imply. It is Security Guard Services that are needed in an emergency. The emergency can be for many reasons but some of the most common are from Natural Disaster and Civil Disturbance.

When an Emergency occurs time is of the essence and trained Security Guards can be in short supply from most Security Guard companies due to their staff already being assigned to clients under normal conditions and that they are not trained for such situations. This creates a serious gap in protection for many business owners, corporate management and government officials. The risk for people and property goes up immediately during times like this raising the responsibility of a business owner or the management of a company or even government officials to protect people and property.

This responsibility is known as “Duty of Care” in legal circles. Business Owners, Executives, Board Members and Government officials in some cases can be held responsible for the lack of a response in an Emergency such as a Natural Disaster, Civil Disturbance or even a War Zone.

Autozone Burning Minneapolis
Civil Disturbance

So to be able to provide Emergency Security Guard Services a company must be organized in a manner to be able to provide such services to its clients within a very short period of time. Normally within 24-48 hours of a request from a client. The staff of a security guard company that provides Emergency Security Guard Services must be trained to respond to a request, be of a higher quality than the average Security Guard and very well trained in a variety of skills, including security, first aid, crowd control, evacuations, extractions and delivery of humanitarian aid. They may also be operating in difficult environments where suitable accommodations for them may not be available for an extended periods of time and therefore must be able to operate for extended hours in difficult environments.

A Disaster or Emergency can last for a few days or even months which requires the Emergency Security Guard Services provided to the client be able to stay on site for an extended period time and have the staff in reserve to relieve exhausted staff and resupply if necessary.

Often times the Emergency Security Guard Services may need to extract people from a dangerous situation, such as floods, tornados, hurricanes, riots and even war zones.

Who needs Emergency Security Guard Services?

Well the short answer is almost everyone at some point in their lives may need some aspect of Emergency Security Guard Services. However mostly it is business owners, management of corporations, governments and non-government organizations “NGOs”.

These are the people that have responsibility for people and property in an emergency situation such as described above. Some will have been assigned this responsibility and others will suddenly find themselves in a desperate situation with little warning or preparation. They can wake up one day and learn that one of their business locations is under threat of a civil disturbance, natural disaster or if they operate in some foreign countries, even war. Regardless of how they find themselves in a disaster they still have “Duty of Care” responsibilities to their organizations and the people that it employees. So thinking ahead and planning for a disaster should be something that is treated in a serious manner.

Evacuation Services
Is help coming soon?

How does IronMike Solutions work?

IronMike Solutions specializes in Emergency Security Guard Services in times of Natural Disaster, Civil Disturbance and War Zones. We begin by having staff that are all military veterans with experience in difficult environments. They are on standby contracts and are located all over the world. As part of their commitment to IronMike Solutions they must be willing to respond to a request, also known as a “Task Order” within 24 hours of notice from IronMike Solutions. They are directed to proceed to a central location where they will form up and move to the client location to begin the Task Order.

IronMike Solutions maintains a list of Security Operators to support operations of any size. These Security Operators are vetted and trained by IronMike Solutions on a regular basis.

Private Military Contractor
Military Veterans Only

IronMike Solutions operates from a “Standby” contract for Emergency Security Guard Services. This is generally a 12 month contract where all of the clients locations are identified, and pre-planning is conducted for each location. The contract spells out all fees and how the client can make a Task Order request. In addition IronMike Solutions will monitor events that could impact the clients people and property in the various locations that it operates in.

Call us now to learn how we can be ready to provide your organization Emergency Security Guard Services. 314-833-0133


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