Will Russia Launch a Winter Offensive from the North?

Private Military Services Company Private Security Will Russia Launch a Winter Offensive from the North?

Battle of the Bulge

Late in World War II most did not believe that Hitler would launch a winter offensive. Allied forces had settled in for a long winter and prepared for the battles to come in the spring. Most in 1944 agreed with this thinking and certainly not in a hard winter climate. Some believed he would and planned for it such as General George S. Patton.

Putin failed to take Kyiv early in the war and has not gotten over that. He recently met with his counterpart in Belarus and is moving equipment into Belarus again. He also made a significant threat to Ukraine recently beyond his usual chatter, demanding Ukraine enter into negotiations (surrender) or face defeat on the battlefield.

One thing about Putin is that he tells you what he is going to do if you listen closely enough. So we at IronMike Solutions believe that the odds are high that Putin will launch a winter offensive from Belarus and this time Belarus will participate and not just facilitate this action.

If you have people, staff or friends in Kyiv now is the time to be thinking about how you will get them out or resupply them.


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