PMC Wagner Group near Bakhmut.

Private Military Services Company Private Security PMC Wagner Group near Bakhmut.

PMC Wagner Group

Wagner infantry near Bakhmut poses a serious threat at close range, despite losses – CNN…

According to the publication, they had at their disposal the data of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which describes the effectiveness of the Wagner assault squads. It is noted that groups of invaders cannot retreat without a command. Those who still decide to do so are shot on the spot, and those who try to surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine are caught and executed.

The recruited prisoners go ahead of everyone and bear up to 80% of losses in the attack. Behind them are more experienced military men with thermal imagers and night vision devices. If such groups manage to get into position, then artillery support allows them to dig trenches, but they are very vulnerable to attacks in open areas.

Despite this, such brutal tactics and indifference to losses, according to the publication, is the only effective solution for Russia’s poorly trained mobilization troops.


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