January 25, 2023

Extreme load shedding causes protests to erupt across South Africa

It’s only a few days into the New Year and there have already been numerous incidents of streets beset by protests. The hotspots are varied and include informal settlements, [...]

January 24, 2023

PMC Wagner Group near Bakhmut.

Wagner infantry near Bakhmut poses a serious threat at close range, despite losses – CNN… According to the publication, they had at their disposal the data of the Main [...]

January 11, 2023

Simon Mann warns Africa in danger of becoming ground zero for extremists.

Former mercenary calls on West to use private military companies to intervene in hotspots. Africa will become “ground zero” for extremist violence unless western powers use private military contractors, [...]

January 10, 2023

UN eases DR Congo arms embargo

The Congolese government wants to speed up the procurement of weapons to help it fight rebel groups in the east. The UN also renewed its peacekeeping mission in the [...]