Close Protection

Private Military Services Company Close Protection

Close Protection also known as Executive Protection is vital in todays corporate and government world.

IronMike Solutions and our staff of Armed Security Operators can operate in any environment to provide the safety and security your staff need to do their work in difficult and sometimes dangerous environments around the world.

Close Protection requires highly trained professionals that are able to assess risk in real time and take the appropriate action. Appropriate action always has the safety of the Client as its focus.

Avoiding the high risk situation is always the best plan. This is accomplished in several ways. Pre-planning, route planning, threat identification, situational awareness, evasive action, offensive driving techniques, leveraging local authorities, deception and direct action.

Close Protection

If your operations are in areas of political unrest, natural disaster or even a war zone, IronMike Solutions can provide the protection you need to complete your mission and return safely.

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