Logistics Security

Private Military Services Company Logistics Security
Logistics Security
Protecting your load anywhere in the world.

IronMike Solutions can provide Logistics Security in difficult environments including war zones. If you are transporting supplies or people in a difficult environment you will need Logistics Security to keep your loads and your people safe. We can provide that protection in any environment worldwide. We will have our own armored escort vehicles and can provide drivers for your trucks or we can provide the trucks as well. If it is one load at a time or a convoy of materials that are needed to get to those in a desperate situation we can deliver your load.

Our staff of Military Veterans have experience in difficult environments including war zones and are trained for just such a mission.

We offer Live Tracking of the load so that you know it is going to the people that need it. We can operate at night or during the day depending upon the situation.

Contact us so that we can answer your questions and provide the security you need where you need it. 314-833-0133