Evacuation Services

IronMike Solutions provides Evacuation Services to our clients on a worldwide basis. Our staff are experienced at evacuations and extractions in difficult environments, including war zones.

In todays modern world danger is around every corner. A safe location can suddenly be a danger zone. Where life and property are at risk from Natural Disasters, Civil Disturbance, Regional Conflict and War.

Leaving your employees to fend for themselves can leave a company at risk for negligence.

Meeting a companies Duty of Care Standard requires planning for the worst case scenarios and having a plan to protect your people and property.

If you have operations and staff in a variety of locations around the world your employees will depend upon you to get them to safety in a time of crisis. If they are hurt or injured can you get them out of a dangerous area? Can you protect them and their family members around the world? Events can change rapidly leaving your staff in a crisis that they cannot handle. What will you do?

Our Armed Security Operators can be a standby force in readiness for your company and help you meet your Duty of Care Obligations for your company on a worldwide basis.

We maintain relationships with Air Asset Companies that can compliment our services, so that we can respond to our clients within 24 hours of a request for Evacuation Services.

Click on the Contact Us tab and tell us about your company and your situation. We will develop a plan to help you meet your Duty of Care to your staff and their families while working around the world.