Emergency Security Services

An uncertain world requires a response you can be certain of. That statement cannot be more relevant than it is today. All over the world there is crisis and disaster. Natural Disasters, Civil Disturbance and even War and regional conflict. All of these events can impact your companies operations and create risks that can take you by surprise and dramatically impact your company and its ability to respond to your Duty of Care obligations.

We provide Armed Security, Close Protection, Force Protection, Extraction Services, Search and Rescue and special assignments for our clients worldwide. IronMike Solutions can be a critical part of your Duty of Care obligations for your company, staff and their families as they work for you in a variety of locations around the world. Our Armed Security Operators are all military veterans with experience in difficult environments.

Rapid Force Deployment

We will respond to a request for Emergency Security Services with Armed Security Operators within 24 hours of the request for our Contracted Clients. We can be on the ground within 24 hours anywhere in the world.

Contact us to discuss your needs so we can tailor a plan for your company. Once we have agreed on the services we will be on standby for your company and your employees to protect your people and property. Our services can be Private Security, Close Protection, Force Protection, Evacuation Services, Disaster Security, Civil Disturbance Security and Search and Rescue.

The standard contract is a 12-month agreement for Emergency Security Services. Fees are based upon a per man per day rate with a Mobilization Fee for our standby status.

Click on the Contact Us tab above and tell us about your company and your situation and your goals to protect your people and your property.