IronMike Solutions provides Rapid Deployment of Emergency Security Services to our Contracted Clients. You must be a Contracted Client to qualify for Rapid Deployment. This allows us to pre-plan for all your locations and possible security needs. So that we can be ready when you need us.

Rapid Force Deployment

We will respond to a request for Emergency Security Services with Armed Security Operators within 24 hours of the request for our Contracted Clients. We can be on the ground within 24 hours anywhere in North America. Locations outside of North America can be supported on a case-by-case basis.
To become a Contracted Client please contact us as soon as possible so that we can be ready when you need us.
The standard contract is a 12-month agreement for Emergency Security Services. Fees are based upon a per man per day rate with an Engagement Fee for our standby status.

Critical Data
  • DUNS: 08-094-9529
  • EIN: 82-3243987


  • 561612: SECURITY GUARD
  • 541614: LOGISTICS